Tournament Rules

no motor tournament1. Obey all State of California fishing regulations

2. Only 6 species count towards length total.  A fish must be a legal size as defined by DFW regulations, before it can be counted.

a. Calico Bass (14”) 

b. Surf Perch (5”) 

c. Halibut (22”)

d. White Sea Bass (28”)

e. Sand Bass (14”)

f. Corbina 

3. No mackerel, bonito, barracuda, rays or other fish will count.  Only the six species specifically mentioned in #2 will be counted.

4. The tournament encourages catch and release. There will be a 2” penalty for each fish killed.

5. Fish will measured up to the nearest half inch.

6. Fish are to be measured by another tournament participant who will initial his/her name.

7. The angler catching the greatest number of inches for their top 10 fish will win 1st place as well as 5 additional “Angler” raffle tickets. The 2nd place finisher will receive 3 additional raffle tickets and 3rd place will receive two additional raffle tickets.

8. Judges decision is final.


Tournament Morning

  • You must check in before fishing at Danny’s Deli between 6:00-8:00am
  • There is an angler's meeting at Danny’s Deli at 6:15am 
  • Lines in at 6:30am
  • Tally sheets must be returned to Danny’s Deli no later than 11:30am
  • Lunch will be served at 12:00 with awards and raffle to follow.


The Sportfishing Conservancy Code of Ethics

An Ethical Angler:

1. Supports and promotes conservation efforts

2. Uses light touch techniques to conserve habitat and resources

3. Keeps no more fish than needed for consumption. Never sells, trades or wastes fish that are retained

4. Practices effective catch and release of fish not kept for consumption or that are prohibited to retain

5. Doesn’t pollute: recycles and disposes of trash 

6. Learns and obeys fishing and boating regulations

7. Practices safe angling and boating by following the law and using common sense to prevent injury 

8. Doesn’t spread exotic plants, animals or release live baits into waters

9. Respects resources, respects public and private property and respects others

10. Promotes ethical sportfishing by sharing knowledge, skills and ethics 

11. Leaves fishing grounds as clean or cleaner than found


Department of Fish & wildlife 



The No Motor Tournament is held in Carpenteria, California. The main rule is contestants use only "human power" to fish; catch and release is highly encouraged...More