Reel World Conservation.

Reel World Conservation

"Reel World Conservation" is a half-hour television show recorded bi-weekly and currently broadcast each Thursday evening at 8:00 pm on Cox Channel 17 in Santa Barbara, CA.  "Reel World" is expected to be streamed live in early 2013.

"N-i-c-c-c-e F-i-s-h" - Television shows about recreational fishing historically start and end with the words "Nice Fish" uttered with the requisite southern drawl. "Reel World Conservation" has attempted a different approach and while maybe not quite as "stylish" as other outdoors shows, will try to deal with what it takes to ensure that there continue to be both "nice fish" and "nice fishermen" around for a long time to come. Guests include those from the fishing, boating, diving, scientific, environmental and business communities, each sharing insight into what floats their boat. Just as with the South Coast Ocean Round Table, "REEL WORLD CONSERVATON" hopes to open lines of communications and build real world solutions.

Reel World Streaming:

Reel World Conservation from Santa Barbara Fourm on Vimeo.



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