Family Fun Fishing Day

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Family Fun Fishing Day

Sponsored By:

Lake Casitas Improvement Foundation, Lake Casitas Recreation Department.

Project Description:

For the past four years Lake Casitas has hosted their Family Fun Fishing Day. Lake Casitas Ranger Rob Weinerth organizes this project with the help of fellow employees of Lake Casitas as well as community volunteers.

The idea behind this day of fun is to introduce children, adults, and families to the wonders of the outdoor activities, especially those at Lake Casitas.  In conjunction with the California Department of Fish and Game, there are over 2,000 pounds of rainbow trout added to a small cordoned off area of the lake.  Children are able to fish, catch and either keep or release their fish.  This gives young children an opportunity to participate in a new activity, one that allows them to spend time in the outdoors, learn about their environment and how to protect it. Best of all it gives them time to spend together with family.

Ranger Rob's hopes are that children (and adults) learn ways to enjoy the outdoors while at the same time respecting and appreciating what Mother Nature has provided.  In addition to the fishing activities, there are also games as well as demonstrations from various organizations including; California Highway Patrol, Ventura County Sheriff Canine Unit, California Department of Fish and Game Wardens, United States Coast Guard and various private clubs.

Physical Requirements:

The physical requirements to run this program come from the Dept. of Fish and Game in stocking the trout, setting up of tables, chairs, barbecues, etc. for organizations to display their information.


No permits are required for this event.

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This event requires the assistance of approximately 150 volunteers.  These volunteers are park hosts, local community members, members of various fishing clubs as well as students from the Rio Mesa High School Fishing Club.

Estimated Costs:

For 2010 the estimated cost for this event is $6000.  The majority of the funding comes from activities that the Lake Casitas Improvement Foundation sponsors throughout the year such as the moonlight fishing and nighttime fishing tournaments.  They also

receive some donations from community members.  As of now there is no need to solicit donations, as they are able to meet their needs with the funding that is in place.

Estimated Time Requirements:

The event itself runs from 9am-12noon on Saturday March 27, 2010.  As a successful program, much of the groundwork has already been done so the biggest time requirements come through communications.  Set up of the docks begins two weeks before the day of the event and tear down is after the event is over.

Difficulties Encountered:

Over the past four years participation has grown dramatically from 50 kids the first year to nearly 200 the second year.  In the third year there were over 1000 participants and the number has continued to grow. For 2010 they are expecting well over 2000 people.  The difficulty has been in providing everyone in attendance with a quality experience.  Donations of products have had to be scaled back due to the large number of participants. In the first year every child was given a fishing rod and reel.  Now it is nearly impossible to provide this level of product to all that attend.  Goodie bags with various products are now given out to all of those who attend.

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For Ranger Rob and the rest of the Lake Casitas staff, the benefits have been to see such a large group of people enjoy and appreciate the Lake and surrounding areas.  It promotes more families to come to the lake for day trips or overnight camping trips and learn about the outdoor environment both on and off the water.


For information on this event go to  To contact Ranger Rob Weinerth -

Partners: California Department of Fish and Game, Lake Casitas Improvement Foundation

The Sportfishing Conservancy contact:?Jenny Armstrong: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.?(949)813-7831



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