Marina Del Rey Anglers White Sea Bass Hatchery/Grow out Pens

marina del rey anglers white sea bass hatchery

Title of Project:

Marina Del Rey Anglers White Sea Bass Hatchery/Grow out Pens

Sponsored By:


Marina Del Rey, OREHP (Ocean Resource Enhancement Hatchery Program), Hubbs Sea World Research Institute


Project Description:


The Marina Del Rey Anglers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit sport fishing and conservation club centered in the Los Angeles and Southern California area, participates in marlin tournaments around the world, volunteer countless hours taking inner city children fishing, raises fingerlings in the fish grow out pen now in the marina, and sponsors events and activities to fund other environmental projects and organizations.

Since 1995, the MDRA has participated in raising and releasing juvenile white sea bass. The club received funding to build the 2nd of 12 grow out pens along the Southern California coast. Other grow out pens have since been established in harbors from Santa Barbara to San Diego.

The Marina Del Rey Anglers have two active pens. Juvenile white sea bass arrive when they are 3 inches long and released when they are 10-12 inches long. The two pens can hold 6,000-7,000 fish.


white sea bass pens

Physical Requirements:


When the pens have fish in them, there are 2 people needed every day for approximately one hour a day. Fish are fed and pens are maintained during this time.



Permits were needed when the grow out pens were first built but no permits are needed for maintenance.


Two volunteers a day to feed and maintain fish. During receiving and releasing fish 6-8 volunteers are needed.

Estimated Costs:


The cost to build each of the two pens was approximately $20,000. Funding came from MDRA fundraising efforts, OREHP, Hubbs Sea World Research Institute, and private donations.


Estimated Time Requirements:

1-2 hours daily for feeding and maintenance of pens.

Difficulties Encountered:


In discussing the MDRA grow out pens, Secretary Bob Godfrey did not hint towards any difficulty in this program. Funding is well established; there is not shortage of volunteers.



The success of the grow out pens has brought a sense of "parental pride' to the individuals who volunteer their time. The live release rate averages about 85% and the grow out pens in Marina Del Rey Harbor has surpassed 80,000 fish.  Microscopic implants recovered from hatchery-raised fish (and fish released from MDR) have shown fish as far away as the Channel Islands and Catalina Island.


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Additional Documents:? MARINA DEL REY ANGLERS? 4230 Del Rey Ave. Marina Del Rey, CA 90292? August 25, 2005



Department of Fish & wildlife 



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