Tesoro High School Fishing Club

High School Fishing Club

Title of Project:

Tesoro High School Fishing Club

Sponsored By:

Alec Robbie

Project Description:

Alec Robbie, a senior at Tesoro High School, has been an avid fisherman all of his short life. When he was a sophomore at Tesoro High, he decided that he wanted to share his love for the ocean and fishing so started a fishing club. In the beginning it was Alec and a few of his close friends. They fished the local piers, Lake Mission Viejo, and Lake Irvine. In the past two years, Alec has grown the club to nearly 30 students.  In addition to the pier and lake fishing get togethers, Alec has chartered sportfishing boats in both Ventura and San Diego to take fellow students along to share his passion.

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As Alec will be graduating this year, he is grooming his younger classmates to carry the torch and continue the fishing club.

As much as the students enjoy catching fish, Alec says that they really just enjoy being on the water. Whether it is the ocean or lake, they always experience something new and are constantly learning. The kids practice catch and release when it is possible and fish with circle hooks to allow for more successful releases.

Physical Requirements:

Alec organizes meeting places and puts in the phone calls and emails to communicate with students.


None required

Tesoro High School fishing Club


3-4 parent chaperones for overnight trips.  Students younger than 16 or those without driver's licenses need a parent to arrange transportation to and from events.

Estimated Costs:

Alec tries to keep costs to a minimum since must of the students have limited funds. The lake fishing trips, where a boat rental is required, costs an average of $20 per student. The bigger trips on the sportfishing boats cost much more, approximately $200 per student. For fishing trips Alec tries to get as many donations as possible from the fishing industry. These are given out as raffle prizes or if there is enough supply then each student will receive something.

Estimated Time Requirements:

Most of Alec's time is spent sending emails, communicating with landings and reserving boats on lakes. The time commitment is not high, a few hours a week at most. As more students get involved, Alec expects to delegate some responsibilities to other students.

Difficulties Encountered:

Boy caught sheepshead

Alec has found that on the more expensive trips he has more difficulty getting enough students to participate. Funding is the main reason but also transportation.


Alec has been most impressed with how many students have joined the club that had limited or no prior experience with fishing. He has most enjoyed teaching these students the proper techniques involved with responsible fishing. Alec hopes to pass on to each student that they should

respect our waters and appreciate the opportunities that we have to enjoy them.


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The Sportfishing Conservancy:?Jenny Armstrong



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