Blue Footprint Projects.

Blue Footprint Projects

Blue Footprint

CSI Miami star Rex Linn with Philip Friedman teaching kids about Blue Footprint and great conservation


The origins of sportfishing in the United States stretch back more than a century to a time when resources were certainly more robust, but by all counts, the numbers of sportfishers were far fewer than we encounter today.

The concept behind “Blue Footprint” is simple: as sports anglers, let’s lighten our “footprint” on the water so that our increased numbers and advanced gear take a lighter toll on strained marine resources. The benefits of “Blue Footprint” are twofold: first, a judicious, lighter impact on resources paves the way for them to flourish and second, while our lighter impact should not diminish the outdoor experience, by minimizing adverse consequences, we pave the way for responsible access to marine wilderness.

Our Current “Blue Footprint” Projects Include:

•National Marine Sanctuaries “Classic” fishing contest for Summer of 2012 in the National Marine Sanctuaries

•PFO Kids Programs:  Philip Friedman/Philip Friedman Outdoors partner with The Sportfishing Conservancy to get kids out on the water

•California Fish and Game Commission/Department Strategic Vision:The Sportfishing Conservancy helps take an in-depth look at the DFG

•"Best Practices" Workshops providing a forum for anglers to inform and learn about the best ways to handle fish and marine habitat.

•California Game Warden Stamps online, Spring 2013

•Sportfishing Conservation Alliance

•Offshore Platform Decommissioning:  The Sportfishing Conservancy helps plan a platform dive - Summer/Fall 2012

•Reel World Conservation / TV:  Santa Barbara, web streaming late Spring 2013

•Triennial sportfish regulation update: Basses

•Sportfishing Outreach Program:  In concert with the Sportfishing Conservation Alliance



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