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For more than a century sportsmen and women have led the charge for conservation of America's natural resources. Today, the Sportfishing Conservancy celebrates this role with programs that benefit both fish and fishermen.  Maintaining abundant resources and a vibrant ocean with 30 million people living near or on the California Coast along with a more sophisticated angling community is a daunting task.  The Sportfishing Conservancy's Blue Footprint - light touch approach to management and enlightened use of resources offers a positive step.

Traditionally facets of society have suggested that simply turning back the clock will achieve their institutional goals. Some propose removing all administrative constraint and simply let market forces determine our approach to managing resources. Others would stifle all progress in a wistful glance at our abundant past. Often each extreme favors vulcanizing differences while ignoring opportunities for meaningful change. The Sportfishing Conservancy hopes to explore other ways in which we can balance healthy resources with an increasing number of outdoor enthusiasts. This isn't about turning back the clock, it is about stepping forward lightly - actively enjoying the great outdoors today, yet in a way in which promotes sharing this incredible opportunity with future generations. Information and education are key to a vibrant future.

We hope to bring on thought provoking studies and insight which offer practical, real world solutions, not just dire predictions. An important and often overlooked part of this strategy is honoring and celebrating of sportsmen and women who have taken the incentive to make such critical contributions to real world conservation. Look for our conservation updates and when you can, thank those who have invested their time and energy to educate others and build outdoor opportunities for all of us. And hang on for an incredible ride.

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